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The Musical Wendy's World based on the book and true story I'm Still Standing, is a powerful yet hilarious tale that follows the real-life achievements of a seemingly typical housewife and mother from the North, Wendy Watson, who is undeniably eccentric with an infectious laugh, uproarious sense of humour and paradigmatic view of life. Wendy Watson is a catalyst for change, and although she never thinks of herself as anything other than ordinary, she leads anything but ordinary life, whether dominating the media with her radical ideas, fighting and winning the might of the European Court by changing the government's opinion to oppose the European patent directive that made it legal to patent genes, or just simply becoming Tesco Mum of the Year 2011.

Detailing with colour and humour the frustrations of hierarchy in the present health and welfare system. The story intends to inspire, raise awareness, protect and defend; it levels out the playing field for all age groups, ethnic backgrounds, and cultures and comprises real-life experiences from those who have first-hand experience navigating the ingrained hypocrisy that stands between people's lives and in the medical establishment. Wendy, with the support and backing of Princess Diana and the then Health Minister, Baroness Cumberlege, fought and won against the negative attitudes towards women's health during a time when she was seeing member after member of her own family dying of Breast and Ovarian Cancer, starting with her grandmother, mother, cousins, and aunties.

As a tearaway teenager whose life consisted of motorbikes, music, a love of Spanish men, travel, theatre, drama, singing and horses, she watched silently from the sidelines as each family member dropped like flies. With colour and humour, Wendy's World takes us on a journey showing how Wendy could have reacted emotionally to her family's dreadful history; however, she was so spirited and loved life with a passion that she controlled her emotions and sought a rational explanation, even if the medical professionals would not help nor believe in her. Wendy made it her life's ambition to prove to the World that Breast Cancer in some families is hereditary and affects both men and women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds!

Our great cities of the UK are battling to become eco-warriors, leaders of change and modernisation, expanding and growing infrastructure, protecting green spaces, and taking decisive steps towards raising diversity awareness. The warrior that is Wendy Watson reminds us of the power of genes! With no support from the then UK's geographical Primary Care Trust, Wendy truly cared about winning brutal battles for people, regardless of their social background or ethnicity. Maybe she chose THE most challenging battle to fight, but for her, the war rages on against the Breast Cancer Hereditary gene fault, BRCA 1 and BRCA2. 

Often described as eccentric, Wendy is the Wendy of Peter Pan, finding herself and her friends and family embroiled in all sorts of capers, from Musical Theatre to Surgery to Skydiving, all in the name of Genes!

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