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The National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline was founded in 1996. 3 years after Wendy Watson (MBE) pioneered preventive mastectomies (BRCA1&2) BEFORE developing breast cancer. To date the helpline has taken 100s of thousands of calls and it's mission statement is 'Everyone has the right to have full information on all the options available - then full support no matter what the choice'. To that end the Helpline has battled to keep those options available to all - striven to raise awareness of familial risk - and is available 7 days per week 9aym until 3am. Fully supported by the eminent Professor Gareth Evans and Hon Professor Julian Barwell providing answers to medical queries within 24 hours. There is much work to be done as a staggering 97% of the population who carry a gene fault are still unaware! This partnership is determined to help reduce those numbers. The musical in production - Wendy's World - The Musical will indeed be a major catalyst for this. We are eternally grateful for this partnership opportunity all with the same goals. Raise awareness, save one person and generations to come.

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A MUM and daughter were the first and youngest women to receive a preventative mastectomy after breast cancer riddled their family.

Wendy Watson MBE and her daughter Becky Measures, who feared for their lives, now dedicate their lives to raising awareness of inherited or genetic cancer.

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Welcome to the "Mother & Daughter Breast of Friends" podcast, where we embark on a heartfelt journey through the world of hereditary breast cancer and the enduring bond between a mother and daughter. Hosted by Becky Measures and Wendy Watson MBE, this empowering podcast blends insightful conversations, expert interviews, and personal stories to shed light on an often misunderstood topic.

Becky Measures, a renowned radio presenter across Yorkshire and Derbyshire, teams up with her mother Wendy Watson MBE, the pioneering founder of the Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline. Together, they bring you a podcast that's not only informative and eye-opening, but also fun, engaging, and entertaining for audiences of all ages.

With a commitment to raising awareness about hereditary breast cancer, we dive into discussions that matter most – from medical advancements and legal considerations, to personal journeys and emotional triumphs. 
97% of people who carry a faulty gene still don't know, and through engaging and relatable conversations, we aim to change that while also giving you a few laughs along the way.

Join us as we navigate the complexities of genetics, health choices, and life's twists and turns, all while building a community that values knowledge, support, and making informed decisions. 

Creators of "Mother & Daughter Breast of Friends" believe that every story deserves to be heard, every question deserves an answer, and every listener deserves to be part of a caring and understanding community. 

Join us on this inspiring journey as we connect, empower, and uplift each other in the face of a shared challenge.



Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline

01629 813000

We are available between 8am - 10pm daily to support those affected by hereditary BC

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